ABS Electronic Control Unit, Bendix EC-60

ABS Electronic Control Unit, Bendix EC-60
Item# K041720

Product Description

Bendix EC-60 standard cab mount ECU. Operates on 12 volt systems only. Designed for four sensor/ four modulator (4S/4M) applications. Supports PLC for compatibility with in-cab trailer ABS light and trailer ABS controllers. Supports serial communications SAE J1587, J1939.

Replaces applications using Bendix 802136, K041720, K065135, K040116.

International truck applications using 3609851C, 3670157C1, 3703691C1, 3703691C2, BX802136, BXK041720, BXK065135, BANK041720, ZAC8012136.

0.8 lb