Turn Signal Switch, M35A2/A3, M809, M54A2, M939 etc. 11613632-1

Turn Signal Switch, M35A2/A3, M809, M54A2, M939 etc. 11613632-1
Item# 11613632-1

Product Description

Turn signal control switch, for all M-series vehicles with solid state turn signal control unit. Includes mounting clamp. Switch has green indicator lamp and hazard light position. Cast aluminum housing and aluminum switch arm. Designed for 24 volt systems but will work on 12 volts if the indicator lamp is changed.
P/N 11613632-1, D8800, 943764, NSN 6220009286163. Also for applications using 11613632, MS53051-1, 8683533, 5593142, 8683556, 11613632-3, NSN 6220008086072. NSN 6220004313771.

2 lb
Upgrade original style incandescent bulb to our highly visible and long life green LED lamp. See p/n 12360890-3UG.

For mating connector see p/n MS3456W18-8S.

If the vehicle is equipped with LED composite lights and the turn signals won’t flash correctly, even with a new style LED compatible flasher module, replace this switch’s incandescent indicator bulb with LED p/n 12360890-3UG.

Switch wiring information. Letters are marked next to pins. Numbers are marked on tags on the vehicle wiring harness.

A - to right front turn signal lamp, 460
B - to left front turn signal lamp, 461
C - to rear brake/left turn lamp, 32-161 (can also be 22-461)
D - brake light power from C on main light switch, 22
E - to rear brake/right turn lamp, 22-460
F - output to turn signal flasher unit ,467B
G - turn signal switch power from J on main light switch, 160-161
H - from turn flasher unit output, 191A (can also be 467A)