Trailer Electrical Converter, 24 Volt Military to 12 Volt Civilian, UTC2412-8

Trailer Electrical Converter, 24 Volt Military to 12 Volt Civilian, UTC2412-8
Item# UTC2412-8

Product Description

Trailer electrical interface converts from 24 volt Military standard (MS75021-1) connector to 12 volt civilian standard (SAE 560) 7 way round pin connector. This allows towing a civilian trailer with a Military vehicle. Converter is made in USA. We are an authorized factory distributor and the product includes a 2 year manufacture's warranty.

UTC 2412-8 Specifications:
Inputs: 21-29 Volts DC (will withstand 36 Volts DC)
Input current: 45 Amps max total
Number of converters per unit: 6 (5 control basic lights, extra 1 allows for aux uses, see i/o listing below)
Output: 13.6 Volts DC +/- 0.3 VDC
Output current capability on each of the 3 main converters: 10 Amps/15 Amp Surge.
Output current capability on each auxiliary converter: 15 Amps
Output power: 800 Watts max total
Overload and short circuit protection: electronically controlled
Efficiency: 90 percent typical
Aluminum housing with steel end caps.
Mounting holes (6) for 1/4 inch hardware.
Overall Length: 21-1/4 inches
Overall Height: 4-3/4 inches
Overall width: 8-11/16 inches
Sealed case protects against water and dust.

Input connector configuration:
A - not used
B - left turn/brake
C - not used
D - ground
E - tail light/clearance light
F, H - not used
J - right turn/brake
K - 24 volt aux 1 input
L - ground
M - ABS power/aux. If your vehicle does not output a signal on this circuit and you require ABS signaling to the trailer see UTC 2412-8M or UTC 2412-7BM.
N - not used

Output connector configuration:
White - ground
Brown - Tail/license plate
Green - right turn/brake
Blue - 12 volt aux 1
Red - ABS/aux
Yellow - left turn/brake
Black - clearance markers

Note: unit is not a trailer brake controller. Electric brakes, if used, must have their own controller installed. See model UTC 2412RVEB which is designed for use with electric brakes.

See p/n 7728814 or 7728811 for intervehicular input cable.
See p/n MS75020-2 for mating input plug.

20 lb shipping weight