Trailer Electrical Converter, 24 Volt Military to 12 Volt Civilian, UTC 2412-7B

Trailer Electrical Converter, 24 Volt Military to 12 Volt Civilian, UTC 2412-7B
Item# UTC2412-7B

Product Description

Trailer electrical interface converts from 24 volt Military standard (MS75021-1) connector or 24 volt 7 Pin SAE 560 to 12 volt civilian standard JAE 560 (7 socket). This allows towing a civilian trailer with a Military vehicle. The converter is normally mounted on the truck. The built in 12 foot coiled cable plugs into the trailer. Converter is made in USA. We are an authorized factory distributor and the product includes a 2 year manufacture's warranty.

UTC 2412-7B Specifications:
Inputs: 21-29 Volts DC (will withstand 36 Volts DC)
Input current: 45 Amps max total
Number of converters per unit: 6 (5 control lights, extra 1 allows for aux uses/electric brakes, see i/o listing below)
Output: 13.6 Volts DC +/- 0.3 VDC
Output current capability on each of the 5 main converters: 10 Amps.
Output current capability on auxiliary converter: 15 Amps
Output power: 800 Watts max total
Overload and short circuit protection: electronically controlled
Efficiency: 90 percent typical
Aluminum housing with steel end caps.
Mounting holes (6) for 1/4 inch hardware.
Overall Length: 21-1/4 inches
Overall Height: 3-1/2 inches
Overall width: 8-1/2 inches
Sealed case protects against water and dust.

Input connector configuration:
Letters are Military MS75021-1 connector / Colors are SAE 560 connector
A- not used
B/Yellow- left turn/brake
C- not used
D/White- ground
E/Brown/Black- tail light/clearance light/license plate light
F, H - not used
J/Green- right turn/brake
K/Blue- aux 1 input/trailer electric brake power
L/White- ground
M/Red- aux 2 input/ABS/brake lights in some applications. If your vehicle does not output a signal on this circuit and you require ABS signaling to the trailer see model UTC 2412-7BM. This applies to most M-series trucks
N- not used

Output connector configuration (JAE 560):
Yellow- left turn/hazard/brake (10 amp)
White- ground
Brown- tail lights/license plate light (15 amp)
Black- clearance lights (10 amp)
Green- right turn/hazard/brake (10 amp)
Blue- aux 1/trailer brake power (10 amp)
White- ground
Red- aux 2/ABS/brake lights in some applications (10 amp)

Note: unit is not a trailer brake controller. Electric brakes, if used, must have their own controller installed. Model UTC 2412RVEB is recommended to use with electric brakes.

To interface an electric brake controller with a military vehicle use relay interface p/n 4M-6003 and power converter ST-340.

See p/n 7728814 or 7728811 for intervehicular input cable.
See p/n MS75020-2 for mating input plug.

26 lb shipping weight