"Transfercase Lock" Indicator Light (LED) For A1 HMMWV, 12342788

"Transfercase Lock" Indicator Light (LED) For A1 HMMWV, 12342788
Item# 12342788
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Product Description

"T/C Lock" indicator light for the A1 HMMWV (M1097A1, M966A1, M998A1, M1038A1 W/W, M997A1, M1035A1, M1045A1, M1043A1, M1044A1 W/W, M1046A1 W/W, M996A1, M1025A1, M1026A1 W/W, M1097).
P/N 12342788. NSN 6220013625211. Made in USA.
LED illuminates letters in green, background is black. When not illuminated letters appear dark against background. Indicator assembly is sealed from water, dust, and is vibration resistant.

Indicator light is an LED and is polarity sensitive. For use on 24 Volt systems. Wire #57 is (-) / Wire #511 is (+).

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