Slave Cable Plug NATO 1 Pin Style (100 Amp), TGC2600

Slave Cable Plug NATO 1 Pin Style (100 Amp), TGC2600
Item# TGC2600
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Product Description

Slave cable plug, rated 100 Amps at 28 Volts DC continuous / 400 Amps intermittent. Maximum current also limited by wire size used. Meets requirements of MIL-PRF-62122E. Made in USA. NATO 1 pin style (coaxial plug type). P/N TGC2600. Includes dust cap P/N 12314225.

This version NATO slave plug is designed for applications such as battery charging, interfacing to power inverters, jump starting smaller equipment, etc. The connector accepts one multi-conductor cable in the cable strain relief. For vehicle jump starting or applications requiring higher current see P/N 11682338 or TGC2700.

This plug mates to 11674728 receptacle and 11677570 adapter.

3.5 lb