Robin Storey M998

Robin Storey M998
Item# Robin-M998

Product Description

Model: M998 HMMWV
Owner: Robin Storey
Location: Hightae, Scotland

Robin adds:
This is my 1989 M998, bought for preservation and showing on the UK military vehicle scene. I have owned and restored a few WW2 and postwar military vehicles, mainly British, and 2 Willys Jeeps. I always thought it was a shame to find these project vehicles after years of decay, drastic civilian modifications and other problems.

I chose my Humvee for originality, including paintwork, and the fact it had not been spoilt by anyone after leaving its military service.

Due to different rules of the road in the UK, I have had to alter some functions of the lighting, such as turn signals and the headlights which must dip to the left.
All modifications are subtle and could be reversed, no hole drilling or fitting of non standard items. A fog light was needed to enable it to pass inspection, so I repurposed a US front spot light, to a rear fog lamp, so it is at least genuine US military equipment.

I have bought a few parts from Erik, including: full set of ball joints, full set of tie rod ends, glow plugs, turn signal flasher unit, 3 lever switch, many rubber shell connectors, fuel gauge, reflectors, license plate lamp, and some other items too. I have found Erik great with advice, as well as parts supply for this project.

Another job the Humvee is intending to do, is for hire as a Wedding Car, just to be a bit different from all the other classic and luxury vehicles, so typical in that scene.