Ron's M998 HMMWV

Ron's M998 HMMWV
Item# ron_m998

Product Description

Model: M998

Owner: Ron

Location: Nashville, TN

Ron includes this about the vehicle:

"1984 military Humvee model M998 -purchased in Cuba in 1998 from the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and shipped to Florida where it was picked up.

It was in bad shape with soft doors and top that were completely deteriorated. We replaced the doors and top with the hard top & replaced the engine and gas tank during the restoration.

Completely refurbished with the 6.2 military rebuilt engine and ground up restoration.

The interior was completely redone with a re-built military radio and computer along with field phones that all work along with a M16 bayonet trainer and a SK47 rifle (both floor mounted)

Believe it or not , the most unusual thing about the Humvee, is the top mounted light on the outside flag pole on the front driver side of the Humvee. It was specially designed for this truck for night time use and it has a red lens on top of the flag pole with four small white lens just below the red lens that is used to illuminate, downward, in white lighting ,onto the American Flag for night time display. As you know , the American flag flying at night should always be illuminated & this modification of the flag pole on this Humvee, does the job very well."