Mike M. 1994 Hummer Wagon

Mike M. 1994 Hummer Wagon
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Product Description

Model: civilian Hummer Wagon based on the M998

Manufacture: AM General

Year: 1994

Owner: Mike and Barb

Location: The Woodlands, TX

Pictured on South Padre Island.

Mike also says: "Have owned my 94 Wagon since 1996. It has been a good truck. Have 107,000 miles on it. I did all but 10,000 of them.
It is a 1994 Civilian model Wagon and based on the M998. In 1994 both the Civilian and military models traveled the same production line. It wasn't until 2003 that AM General moved the chassis onto a separate line in an adjacent building. The HMMWV was never produced in a wagon if my memory is correct. 1994 was year three of Civilian production and the first Wagon with a 6.5L diesel and air conditioner. Only 1500 vehicles rolled off the line ahead of mine. Previous to 1994, all HMMWVs and Civilian models used the 6.2L diesel. My Wagon was way before the "H1" and very much paralleled the actual HMMWV of that era. It only has a truck like interior. Nothing like the H1 deluxe interior. In 1994 the Civilian model actually has a higher GVWR of 10,300lbs verses 7,880lbs for the M998. But mine is not a HMMWV. If one truly wanted cool air (a near necessity in Texas) it must have had a 1997 upgrade kit ($3K) installed.
AM General now offers the newest everything (less engine/transmission) (truly HMMWV stuff with a reduced luxury civilian interior) in a kit form called HUMVEE C*Series. "