James Kelly M35A3

James Kelly M35A3
Item# James-Kelly-M35A3

Product Description

Model: M35A3

Mfr: AM General

Year: 1993

Owner: James and Stacy Kelly

Location: AZ

James adds:

My M35A3 was built as an M35A2 in 1970 and upgraded to the A3 in 1993 but the truck sat at the Army Reserve and only had the original 3,200 miles on it when I got it. I have put the dual fuel tanks, hard top, locking hubs, rear pedestal with M60 pintle, twin M16 mounts in the cab with one side mounted shotgun mount on the right and along side the passenger seat. I installed the troop seats with the racks and bows and 3 color canvas cover, a Class 3 hitch and I removed the A3 front seats and 3-point belts and installed the air ride Oshkosh adjustable buckets with 4-point harnesses. I purchase a new alternator and starter and installed those even though the originals were perfect and I now have those as backups. Just yesterday I replaced the E-Brake cable and reworked the hub and shoes to assure correct function (thank you for the cable). I have repainted the interior of the cab and now only need a few more data plates to have about an 85% restoration of the original truck as delivered to the Military. I converted my existing toy hauler, using the lights and wiring from an M105 trailer, and itís now plug and play. The trailer is matched Carc, painted to spec and matches the truck.

As a side note for others with Allison transmissions, I was having the same complaint as so many others that have purchased these from the OH area that 4th gear was sometimes nonexistent so I pulled the Allison automatic AT1545P and contacted Republic Diesel. Most people don't know about them as they don't advertise but they have been in business since the end of WWI . They have specialized in Allison transmissions for over 35 years. They picked up my transmission at my home, shipped it to one of their Allison shops (they have 3) then completely rebuilt the trans, installed a new lock up torque converter, dyno tuned and tested it, and returned it to my door with the dyno print out and warranty, all for $1,325.00. They are unbelievable and the transmission shifts like never before and the truck now has much more useable torque to the ground.