HMMWV Glow Plug Control Box and Temperature Controller - Matched Set (Nartron Smart Start System), 12480779

HMMWV Glow Plug Control Box and Temperature Controller - Matched Set (Nartron Smart Start System), 12480779
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HMMWV glow plug protective control box and temperature controller.
Nartron Smart Start System (S3) P/N 12480779, NSN 6110015427901.
This set contains the protection control box 12480779-1 and glow plug temp control 12480779-2. Made in USA
Replaces P/N 12479192, NSN 6110014912158 and KDS Smart Start 6500391, CR-2701 (control box CR-2700 / 6110015427668 and glow plug temp control CR-2696A / 2920014696903)
Can be used on any HMMWV previously using the earlier version EESS control boxes or KDS Smart Start system.

Factory new/unused. Control box and temp sensor are a matched set and must be used together. Do not use Smart Start control boxes with earlier version KDS / Prestolite / Nartron EESS temperature controllers. The Smart Start system is compatible with all HMMWV models and does not require any modifications to install. Late model vehicles were factory equipped with this Smart Start glow plug system.

The S3 offers numerous performance improvements over previous versions of the EESS control boxes and also adds J1939 CAN bus for diagnostic testing. Several main areas of improvement are:
  • reduction/elimination of pulsing headlamps and voltmeter gauge
  • does not flash the wait-to-start lamp during default mode operation to avoid operator confusion
  • immunity to glow plug re-activation from external faults or voltage spikes
  • less current through start switch and adds start lockout after engine is running
  • improved glow plug tip temperature control
  • improved ground fault tolerance
  • redesigned internal power relays for higher reliability
  • over load protection added for the wait-to-start and brake warning lamp circuits
  • higher tolerance to EMI and improved case sealing system

  • Service tip:
    Disconnect batteries before installing the control box. Failure to disconnect batteries before installing or removing control box connectors will damage the control box.

    It is highly recommended to check the glow plugs before installing a new control box. Defective glow plugs may damage the control box. A working glow plug will draw 12 - 15 amps at 24 volts DC. Use extreme caution when testing the glow plugs as the tip will immediately become very hot on a working plug.

    The complete glow plug system will draw approximately 80 - 125 amps (the colder the ambient temperature the higher the initial current draw). The vehicle batteries must be in good condition for the preheat and start system to function. If the batteries cannot crank the engine they won’t operate the glow plugs.
    Only the 60 amp alternators can power directly through the control box. Basic and A1 vehicles upgraded to 100, 200, and 400 amp alternators must have the alternator wiring harness modification in place (done when the alternator is installed) so the alternators output does not go through the control box. Vehicles factory equipped with 100, 200, and 400 amp alternators have the battery direct wiring factory installed.

    This is a factory new mil-spec part by the same company AM General originally used when producing the HMMWV.
    It is not returnable for refund or exchange. No warranty. No exceptions.

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