"High Beam" Indicator Light (LED) HMMWV, 12356703-3

"High Beam" Indicator Light (LED) HMMWV, 12356703-3
Item# 12356703-3
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Product Description

Current stock is removed from unused instrument panel assemblies that were not put into use. May have cosmetic evidence of being installed but were never used in a vehicle.

High beam indicator for the HMMWV. P/N 12356703-3. NSN 6220012730500. Made in USA. LED illuminates green with a white high beam symbol. Indicator assembly is sealed from water, dust, and is vibration resistant.

Indicator light is an LED and is polarity sensitive. For use on 24 Volt systems. Wire #57 is (-) / Wire #17 is (+).

Fits same panel cutout as the older style 8376499 indicator and could be adapted to other vehicles.

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