Front Composite Light, 12432437-1 / SB098

Front Composite Light, 12432437-1 / SB098
Item# SB098

Product Description

Composite front light fits many types of military vehicles. Fits front left and right. Contains turn signal, parking light, blackout marker light. 24 volt bulbs installed. Dust and water proof and vibration resistant. Resists effects of weathering, sun, and corrosion.
For use on M35A2 / M35A3, M809, M151, M54, HMMWV, M939, etc.

P/N 12432437-1 , NSN 6220014438813. Will replace 11614156, 105651, 3453999, E019521, MS52126-2 and NSN 6220008801624.
Can replace the aluminum housing fixture P/N MS52126-1.

2 lb