Floodlight Switch (On-Off-On), 11669214

Floodlight Switch (On-Off-On), 11669214
Item# 11669214

Product Description

Floodlight switch used on many M-series 2.5 and 5 ton trucks. Switch is 3 position (On-Off-On). Commonly used to select different floodlights mounted at various points on the vehicle. Each set of contacts rated 28 VDC, 10 Amp resistive or inductive load, 5 Amp lamp load. P/N 11669214. NSN 5930010986743. Meets Mil Spec MIL-S-13623. Made in USA.

Mating electrical connector use MS27144-1.

Positions are A to B, Center Off, A to C. A is the power feed to the switch and each light or device to be controlled is connected to B and C. Dummy terminal factory installed in D.

0.75 lb

Switch handle also available, see p/n 5381088.