AN/USM-481 VINSON J-Box & Cable Test Set

AN/USM-481 VINSON J-Box & Cable Test Set
Item# USM-481

Product Description

Military radio VINSON J-box and interconnecting cables test set. s/n T-84-121-148. Working condition. Instructions printed on lid.
Test set verifies operation of the J-3513 and J-3514 boxes. Exact location of fault, if one or more exists, is listed by fault number in the instructions. Also tests the following cables for shorts and opens and if a problem is found identifies the wire(s) by fault number which is referenced on the instruction chart: CX-13068, CX-13067, CX-13061/U, CX-13100/U, CX-13063/U, CX-13062/U, CX-12991/U, CX-13071/U, CX-13065A/U, CX-13073/U, CX-13064/U, CX-13075/U, CX-13074/U, CX-13072/U, CX-13069/U.
Testing is automated and the operator only needs to connect the equipment and press the "advance" button. All required cables are included. The set opertes on 120 volts or can use a BB-390 or BA-5590. The "battery eliminator" power supply is included as shown.

No export from USA.

Military tech manual (PDF) included on CD.

36 lb