Alternator For M-Series Vehicles, 28 Volt 60 Amp, (Leece-Neville A0013002AE) 10929868

Alternator For M-Series Vehicles, 28 Volt 60 Amp, (Leece-Neville A0013002AE) 10929868
Item# A0013002AE
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Product Description

Water and dust proof alternator for use on most M-series vehicles such as M35A2, M35A3, basic and A1 HMMWV, M39A2 series, M809 series, M939 series, M151, M715, etc. Also used on other types of military equipment such as forklifts, loaders (John Deere 644EZ), etc.
  • Output rated 28 Volts, 60 Amp.
  • Built in voltage regulator.
  • Output voltage is adjustable.
  • AC tap option for applications that need to sense alternator rotation. Required for HMMWV.
  • One wire connection for regulator energize.
  • O-rings on housings and bearing covers keep water and dirt out in harsh environments.

  • Leece-Neville p/n A0013002AE. NSN 2920009092483. Replaces Prestolite p/n AMA5104UT. Military p/n 10929868. (also replaces p/n's A0013002AC, A0013002AF, AMA5103UT, AMA5102UT). Remanufactured in USA, meets or exceeds all original manufacture and military specifications. No core or core charge.

    35 lb
    Trucks equipped with a protection control box such as M939 and M809 series: alternator will be damaged if the vehicle’s engine is not shut down properly. Turn off ignition switch first. Wait until engine rotation completely stops. Then turn off battery switch.
    Alternators damaged from improper shutdown are not returnable.

    Installation note: on vehicles equipped with a protection control box, the box and related wire harness should be tested for electrical shorts to ground before installing the new alternator. A damaged or faulty control box or wiring harness will cause damage to the alternator. Alternators damaged from external faults are not returnable.

    All electrical parts including electronic control boxes and modules, glow plugs, spark plugs, switches, sensors, wiring harnesses, alternators, starters, motors, LED lamps are sold as-is and are not returnable due to the wide variety of circumstances parts may be subjected to. No exceptions.