Alternator 100 Amp Dual Voltage 28/14 Volt For M1078 LMTV & M1083 MTV, (Niehoff N1509-1) 12422863

Alternator 100 Amp Dual Voltage 28/14 Volt For M1078 LMTV & M1083 MTV, (Niehoff N1509-1) 12422863
Item# N1509-1
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Product Description

Dual voltage alternator, simultaneous outputs of 28 Volt / 14 Volt, 100 Amps.
This alternator is used on the M1078 LMTV series and M1083 MTV series.
  • C.E. Niehoff Co. model N1509-1. NSN 6115015040680. Military P/N 12422863, replaces 12423625-001, N1511-1, 12423625, 12422863-001. Can replace model N1506-1 which had a more basic regulator without the diagnostic indicators. Consult service literature for details on model differences.
  • Alternator is brushless design (no brushes and no slip rings to wear out).
  • Integral N3207 dual voltage regulator with diagnostic LED indicators for each output.
  • Compatible with the N2003 Load & Battery Control.
  • Rated output of 100 amps is maximum combined total current between the two outputs.
  • Upper voltage output (28V) is rectified with standard diodes. Lower voltage output (14V) is controlled by SCRs in the drive end housing.
  • Alternator output current is self-limiting and will not exceed rated capacity of alternator.
  • Overvoltage shut down protection.
  • Regulator setpoint has negative temperature compensation. At 75F, the setting is 28.2 V for 28 V system and 14.1 V for 14 V system.
  • AC terminal (used on some vehicles) to sense alternator rotation or to provide a signal to the N2003.
  • One wire energize power (24 volt on E terminal) input to regulator. All input and output connections via terminal studs.

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