Air Reservoir Automatic Moisture Ejector Valve (1/4 pipe), 995100

Air Reservoir Automatic Moisture Ejector Valve (1/4 pipe), 995100
Item# 995100
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Product Description

Pneumatically operated moisture drain valve. No heater. 1/4 inch male pipe thread attaches to air reservoir tank. Compatible with all military and commercial vehicles using a compressed air system, with or without an air dryer. Valve should be installed on the wet tank (first tank compressor is connected to), however additional valves on secondary tanks is recommended for a fully automatic moisture drain system. This drain valve expels contaminants from the air tank with a powerful blast of air whenever the compressor reaches cut in or out pressure. Installation requires a section of 1/4 inch nylon air brake tube from this ejector valve to the air governor unloader port (same port that connects to compressor valves). Valve also has a manual drain control. This valve does not have a heater and is not recommended for applications that fall below freezing. Installation instructions included. Made in USA.

1.5 lb