Air / Electric Toggle Switch, 3200-1A

Air / Electric Toggle Switch, 3200-1A
Item# 3200-1A

Product Description

Air-electric toggle switch (valve). P/N 3200-1A, also replaces K295-362-1, 08-02934.

Switch "off" position: no air flow, electrical switch open (off) . Outlet port vented to atmosphere.
Switch "on" position: air flows through valve, electrical switch closed (on).
Pressure switch senses from outlet port side: open (off) below approximately 10psi, closed (on) above approximately 35psi. If there is no air pressure the electrical contacts won't close even if the switch is in the "on" position. This feature confirms when air pressure is actually present.
Amperage: 5 amp max @ 12vdc / 2.5 amp max @ 24vdc
Terminal size: 1/4" blade
Inlet and outlet fittings: quick connect air brake tubing, 1/4 inch.
Max air pressure: 150 psi
Inlet and outlet ports marked with arrows.
Mounting hole: 1/2 inch diameter.

0.06 lb