Three Lever Light Switch, MS51113-1

Three Lever Light Switch, MS51113-1
Item# MS51113-1

Product Description

Three lever style light switch P/N MS51113-1, MIL-PRF-11021G. NSN 5930003078856. Replaces alternate part numbers AR7, L45872, MIL-S-11021.

Standard light switch on all M-series vehicles (such as M35, M37, M809, M939, M998, M1078, FMTV, MTV, HEMTT, etc) and most other military equipment with driving light systems.
The switch is sealed from water and dust.
Cast metal housing and metal switch levers.

1.9 lb

See p/n 7716895 for the mating connector to this switch.

Switch wiring information. Letters are marked next to pins. Numbers are marked on tags on the vehicle wiring harness. Numbers in parentheses are alternate circuit numbers used on some vehicles.

A - feed to brake light switch, 75A
B - panel lights, 49 (40A)
C - brake lights/turn signal switch, 22
D - blackout drive light, 19
E - blackout front markers and blackout tail lights, 20-21 (20A)
F - main power feed to switch, 15
H - tail lights and clearance lights, 21.
Front parking lights on some vehicles when connection on L is not used.
J - power feed to turn signal switch, 160-161 (467A).
Backup lights and horn power feed on some vehicles.
K - feed from brake light switch, 75B
L - front parking lights, 491 (connection not used on some vehicles such as HMMWV)
M - headlights, feeds to dimmer switch, 16
N - blackout brake lights, 23