24 VDC to 12 VDC Converter 30 Amp, Heavy Duty Construction, 362

24 VDC to 12 VDC Converter 30 Amp, Heavy Duty Construction, 362
Item# 362

Product Description

The model 362 high power DC-DC converter (NSN 6130015063502) interfaces between 24 Volt DC battery or vehicular sources and communications and other electrical equipment that is designed to operate from 12 VDC electrical sources. This converter provides harmonic and noise free pure DC power, which makes it ideal for operating the most sensitive communications devices. We are an authorized factory distributor and the product includes a 2 year manufacture's warranty. Made in USA.

Heavy duty construction featuring internally encapsulated components and rugged enclosure. The printed circuit board is coated with epoxy to provide resistance from shock, vibration, water and salt spray.

-Input 22-30 Volts DC. (input under/over shutdown protection)
-Output 13.8 Volts DC up to 30 Amps continuous (400 Watts). Ambient temp 104F (40C). Derate 15% per 10C above 40C to a maximum of 60C.
-No minimum load required.
-High efficiency minimum of 92 % at full load, no cooling fan required.
-Operating temperature: -40C to +60C.
-Output regulation: less than 0.1 V for all load values
-Output ripple and noise: less than 50 mV RMS
-Input and output provided on screw terminals.
-Electronically protected against output overloads. Will operate continuously into a short circuit without sustaining damage. Input fuse protection protects against reverse polarity connection.
-Over temp shutdown with auto reset.
-For vehicles with negatively grounded systems only (compatible with all US Military vehicles with 24 volt power systems).
-RF signal transparency - High pass filters in the converter to allow RF signals that are injected at the input terminals to pass to the output terminals ensuring PLC4 compatibility.

Using a DC-DC converter to power 12 volt devices on a 24 volt vehicle is the best choice and does not adversely effect battery life. If a 12 volt device is powered from only one of the vehicle's batteries an imbalance occurs in the charging voltage across the batteries causing one to under charge and the other to over charge. Using a DC-DC converter eliminates the charging imbalance.

This model is a popular choice with police and fire departments that are using 24 volt military vehicles converted to rescue and emergency use. Will power cell phones, radios and audio equipment, siren, flood lights, light bar, etc.

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