Turn Signal Flasher, 11613631 (Trescomp)

Turn Signal Flasher, 11613631 (Trescomp)
Item# 11613631-Trescomp

Product Description

Turn signal control unit, 24 - 28 Volt, sealed from water, dust, and vibration proof. Solid state (no relays). Used on the M35A2/A3, M54, M809, M939, HMMWV, etc. Also used as the flasher control for warning beacon lights on some trucks (M816 wrecker, etc). Compatible with LED or incandescent lights or a combination of both. Max continuous lamp load is 10 Amps. New/unused.

Made in USA by Trescomp, Inc.

P/N 11613631. NSN 5945007893706.

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