Rechargeable Battery (New) NiMH, BB-388A/U

Rechargeable Battery (New) NiMH, BB-388A/U
Item# BB-388AU

Product Description

Rechargeable battery (Nickel Metal Hydride), P/N BB-388A/U (BT-70788). NSN 6140014904313.
13.2 Volts, 1.8 AH at 1 Amp. Manufactured Nov 2015. New / unused in factory carton, has been properly maintained with a full charge.

The BB-388A/U features a state of charge indicator and has an increased capacity over the older BB-388. This battery is used with the PRC-68, PRC-126, PRC-128, FBCB2, etc.

Recommended charging methods:
PP-8498 and adapter J-6357
PP-8444 and adapter J-6357
PP-8481 and adapter J-6520
Or can be charged at 150 mA for 10-12 Hrs.

No export from USA.

1.5 lb