Erik's M35A3 (owner of Erik's Military & Industrial Surplus)

Erik's M35A3 (owner of Erik's Military & Industrial Surplus)
Item# Erik-M35A3

Product Description

Erik's M35A3. 1999 by AM General. Diesel CAT 3116 engine, turbo w/ air to air after cooler. Allison AT1545P auto transmission w/ locking torque converter. 2 speed transfer case Rockwell T-136. CTIS by CM Automotive. Power assist steering. Cab heat. Super-single radial tires Michelin 14.5 R20 XL tubeless. Air over hydraulic split (front/rear) brake system. STE/ICE-R interface.
Added a Mitchell 3000-A gear splitter (overdrive/direct) giving a top speed of slightly over 60 MPH. The main reason for the overdrive is to reduce engine RPM for normal 55 MPH driving. The Allison AT1545P does not have overdrive so the stock M35A3 tops out at 53 MPH at engine red line. Transmission, transfer case, and gear splitter allows 16 total gear range selections.

M35A3 VIN numbers (serial numbers)
All trucks known so far have a VIN in the format 50xxxx where the last 4 digits were apparently numbered in sequence as the trucks were built. The VIN is stamped in the frame and on the dash data plate. Research so far indicates over 5,400 M35A3's were built; so the last truck made would have a VIN of 5054xx. The first truck should be VIN 500001 with the assumption the first VIN started as "0001" and incremented from there. Is your truck a lower or higher number or something other than 50xxxx? Let us know. The truck pictured is VIN 505451 and built in 1999. VIN 505496 is the latest that has been found, also built in 1999 by AM General under a 1999 contract date.